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Happiness is a dog and a clean backyard. Owning a dog can make you happy, but apart from the snuggles and fun; someone needs to clean up what your dog leaves behind.

M633-Services is here to help so you can relax and enjoy the better things in life. We take our work seriously, and our process is fast and easy.  Weekly, fortnightly or just a one-off service we are available all year round.

We will leave your yard clean and poop free ready for you to make pawtiful and fun memories.

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Dogs is in our nature. We are professional and efficient; ready to tackle just about every type of poop that comes our way.

We do not provide services inside homes. We need direct outside access to the backyard, and our service is contactless.

Due to COVID19, we ask that you secure your dog. Stay inside the house while we scoop the poop. We will take the pet waste away and safely dispose of it.

Ask Master Paw

Is it OK to compost dog waste?

Composting dog waste is a simple and economical way for disposing of dog waste. It can reduce the amount of waste taken to our landfills. 

Proper and safe composting of dog poop can produce a safe soil supplement for revegetation, potted plants and landscaping.

It is important to note that dog waste can also transmit harmful bacteria when left out in the open for too long or without proper handling. Do not use dog waste compost on plants or vegetables grown for human consumption. 

Make sure you do proper research on the dos and don'ts of composting dog waste and what type of composting system is best for you. Contact your local council or local environment and health authority if you would like to know more about how to compost your dog waste safely.


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